Fiber Glass Batt

There are many advantages to using fiberglass batt insulation in your Louisiana home. It is a low-cost option that provides varying degrees of sound absorption, can reduce energy costs, and is available in a variety of materials and thicknesses to help achieve optimal energy efficiency. This insulation can be used throughout the house to insulate floors, walls, ceilings, attics, basements, and crawl spaces. (Includes Vinyl Backed Glass Roofing)

Sound Batts

Want to decrease the amount of sound traveling from room to room? When sound waves move through the air and come into contact with a surface, that surface will either reflect or absorb the waves. By using sound-absorbing and -blocking materials we can make your home or office more peaceful and quiet. Sound insulation is built to trap and dampen sound waves, minimizing their transmission. Give us a call today and we can help you choose the most effective insulation for your needs.

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation was unintentionally created by Otto Bayer in 1937, but it wasn’t until 1979 that it was first used to insulate buildings. Spray foam is the optimum insulation because it won’t droop, minimizes air and moisture infiltration, maintains stable temperatures year-round, and saves you thousands on energy expenses. Ready to lower your energy costs and keep your house comfortable? Call us for your free quote!

Netted and Blown-In Wall Insulation

Looking for insulation that fills every nook and cranny, creating an extra fluffy layer of effective insulating material that saves you money on heating and cooling costs. It can be installed without causing any damage to existing structures between studs and ceiling joists, on top of existing insulation, and in the attic. Next Generation has residential and industrial insulation services available for you!

Attic Insulation

We have you covered, whether you choose blown cellulose or blown fiber glass insulation for your attic. Attic insulation is a year-round investment because it reduces the flow of heat from warm to cold places during the hot Louisiana summer months and the opposite for our short winters.   A well-insulated home will be more comfortable and will help minimize the need for constant air conditioning/heating, lowering heating and cooling expenses.